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Meta Moon Prime Review: Official description and first-hand opinion

Meta Moon Prime Hydration Review

Ever since the hit hydration company Prime came out with its mysterious and intriguingly named Meta Moon flavor of Prime Hydration Drink, we’ve been asked many times, what does it actually taste like? The name Meta Moon doesn’t actually tell you a whole lot, especially next to the beverage’s other options like Grape and Orange, so we thought we’d share two answers, an official one from Prime and our own opinion.

Official Description

The official description of what Meta Moon Prime Hydration Drink is meant to taste like from the brand itself is Candy Fruit. On the US version of the beverage, you won’t see this anywhere, not on the bottle or the Prime website at However, on the Meta Moon Prime Hydration Drink over in the UK, at the back above the nutrition information, it does say “Candy Fruit flavoured drink with sweeteners”.

Meta Moon Prime Hydration Review


As for our opinion on what the vaguely-named Meta Moon Prime Hydration Drink tastes like, it definitely has a candy sweetness to it, separating it slightly from the other options. The underlining flavor that’s paired with the sweet candy taste is somewhat fruity but in a more general sense than, say, a traditional fruit punch or even Prime’s own Tropical Punch Hydration Drink, which we feel has a dominating cherry taste.

We could see the Meta Moon Prime Hydration Drink being described as a general candy flavor or even rainbow candy, although it kind of reminds us of the classic Life Savers. Like a classic hard, powdery, fruity candy, not to the sweetness or pop of Skittles, again more in the area of Life Savers. There are probably others it’s in the same ballpark as, but the sweet candy flavor is there, with the rest being open to interpretation.

Meta Moon Prime Hydration Review 2


Prime has had Meta Moon on the market for a few months, and as mentioned earlier, what it tastes like is a question we’ve been asked many times. Others will have likely stumbled across the UK mention of it officially being Candy Fruit, like we recently did, however again, we’ve had many people drop the question and we’ve wanted to share our thoughts on Meta Moon Prime Hydration, especially with all the hype around it.

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