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Blue Rathberry launches for Bumstead’s Thavage pre-workout but only in Canada

Raw Nutrition Blue Rathberry Thavage

The last few weeks have been full of excitement at Raw Nutrition, with the sports nutrition brand kicking off the year in style and dropping a couple of products. On the flavor side, fans were treated to a Birthday Cake flavor of Chris Bumstead’s protein powder Itholate, in celebration of his 4th Classic Mr. Olympia title from last year, and we got the more value-focused supplement, Essential Pre-Workout.

If you’re a true fan of Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead and like to try all of the brand’s products, especially the many in Bumstead’s own CBUM Series, you’ll enjoy the news we have today. Now available in Canada from retailers that purchase through the brand’s premier distributor, Peak Performance, is a completely new blue raspberry flavor named Blue Rathberry for the CBUM Series pre-workout Thavage.

The crucial detail worth knowing about Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead’s Blue Rathberry Thavage pre-workout is that you can’t get it here in the US unless you find a retailer willing to ship it down. Blue Rathberry is indeed exclusive to Bumstead’s home country of Canada, with several retailers listing and selling the product already, including the likes of Shop Sante, where it’s $69.99 (52.20 USD) a tub.