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Alpha Prime’s focus remains on Protein Brownie with two tasty new flavor creations

Cinnamon Roll And Glazed Donut Alpha Prime Protein Brownies

In 2022, Alpha Prime was quite busy when it came to its popular and collagen-infused protein snack, the Prime Bites Protein Brownie, adding a bunch of new options to the product’s menu. The brand expanded the flavor selection of the soft, smooth, and sweet functional food with Blueberry Cobbler, Birthday Cake Blondie, Purple Velvet, and for the fall season, a special edition Pumpkin Spice.

It’s no surprise that this year the focus on the Prime Bites Protein Brownie continues at Alpha Prime, and it all starts this week, as the first new flavors since Pumpkin Spice from a few months ago, have become available for pre-order. Over at, you can secure boxes of Protein Brownie in Glazed Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Glazed Donut for shipping on Thursday, April 13th.

The newest members of Alpha Prime’s Prime Bites Protein Brownie family have similar macros to the other flavors with 19g of protein, 9g of fat, 19g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar and 2g fiber, and 220 calories. The price of a box of a dozen Protein Brownies is $39.99, although you can bring that down by 20% to $31.99, which is $2.66 a brownie, but you need to order four boxes to qualify.