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Oreo is back in stock on Grenade’s website but it’s part of a variety pack

Grenade Adds Oreo To Its Selection Box

As posted about a few days ago, Grenade’s incredibly delicious and standard-setting, authentic Oreo Protein Bar is ridiculously hard to come by these days purely due to demand. The product just hit the market a month and a half ago, and not surprisingly, considering how enjoyable it is, it has sold out in almost every major stockist, including Grenade’s official online store over at

Grenade has, however, found some units of its collaboration, the Oreo Grenade Protein Bar, and made them available through its website only while stocks last. Unfortunately, there is a catch with the limited restock of the tasty protein bar made with pieces of Oreo cookie and authentic Oreo vanilla and cocoa, as you can’t purchase it by itself; the units the brand has are part of a variety pack.

The Grenade Protein Bar Selection Box has been recreated to include the Oreo Protein Bar, and in the bundle, it is there alongside 11 other flavors of the Grenade Protein Bar, so you do get just one of the Oreo collaboration. If you’re after the authentic Oreo cookie flavor, at £25 (30.37 USD), the Selection Box is expensive, although if you’re like us and enjoy all flavors of the product, it’s not a bad buy.