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Inspired is also bringing back its first-ever protein powder in ISO-PF

Inspired Iso Pf Protein Powder

Last week Inspired shared the big announcement that it is getting back into the world of protein powder, in North America at least, and resurrecting its rather unique original supplement Protein+. The reputable brand introduced the product years ago, and what makes it different is it combines whey and collagen to provide its typical 25g of protein per serving, and it’s infused with premium digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Protein+ is returning to the market tomorrow, right in time for St. Patrick’s Day, but that’s not all fans of Inspired are being treated to. The brand has also revealed it is releasing a second protein powder by the name of ISO-PF, and like Protein+, this is one that’s been available before. ISO-PF was Inspired’s foray into the competitive protein powder category, introduced almost six years ago and featuring a grass-fed whey isolate formula.

Like Inspired’s original ISO-PF, the 2023 edition is a clean, lean, and straightforward supplement. Every serving packs 25g of protein from pasture-fed whey isolate with absolutely no carbohydrates or fat, and an impressive 100 calories. As mentioned, ISO-PF will be available starting tomorrow with up to 32 servings a tub in four flavors; ‘Nilla White Chocolate, Red Velvet Brownie, Street Cart Churro, and Limited Charmz.