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Classic Chocolate Mint furthers the already very lengthy lineup of flavors for Diesel

Perfect Sports Chocolate Mint Diesel Protein

A few days ago, Canadian supplement company Perfect Sports released its most cost-efficient protein powder yet with Ultra Fuel, which, unlike Diesel, it doesn’t contain any premium New Zealand whey protein. Once again, Perfect Sports is in the news for protein just days after Ultra Fuel’s debut; however, this time around, the brand is adding a new flavor to that well-known New Zealand whey isolate protein powder, Diesel.

Perfect Sports’ Diesel already has a myriad of flavors to choose from, but the latest addition will delight mint fans as the all-new experience is, indeed, Chocolate Mint. The Chocolate Mint Diesel has the same calories and protein per scoop as other chocolate-based Diesel flavors, sitting at 120 calories and 26g of protein. Best of all, the new Chocolate Mint Diesel is already available for purchase directly from the brand’s website.