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Costco brings in Pirq’s popular plant protein shake and sells it a much better $19.99 a case

Pirq Protein Rtd Makes It Into Costco

Plant-based protein specialist Pirq makes two products, both similar in concept and ingredients, with a protein RTD and a more traditional bulk protein powder. The on-the-go beverage provides 15g of protein from pea protein with 8g of carbohydrates and 5g of fat alongside the brand’s signature superfood blend. Pirq’s protein powder is much the same, with a pea-powered formula and superfoods, but it’s a little leaner.

Directly through Pirq’s online store, a case of 12 bottles of the Pirq plant-based protein RTD will cost you $28.99, working out to $2.41 each, which isn’t too bad, although the protein count is only 15g. The popular and growing brand has expanded into the membership retailer Costco this month with all four of its flavors, including Very Strawberry, Caramel Coffee, and the classic Decadent Chocolate and Golden Vanilla.

Obviously, being available at Costco, the price of Pirq’s on-the-go plant-powered protein shake is not the same as its own website, coming in at $19.99 for the same case of 12 bottles. That works out to $1.66 per RTD, a strong saving of around 30%, making it more than worth the trip for fans of the brand, especially since Costco has all four flavors.

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