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Furocity from Tyson Fury is moving into protein with something called Power Protein

Tyson Fury Furocity Protein

Tyson Fury’s brand Furocity started out in the business of energy drinks and quickly expanded from there, going well beyond the traditional energizing canned beverage. It went on to create a lightly caffeinated popsicle, caffeinated chewing gum, and a sugar-free and zero-calorie version of its original energy drink, but the next stop on its journey is something entirely different as it steps away from energy.

Furocity is getting into the world of protein with something called Power Protein. The brand is teasing, building, and hyping “Power Protein” at the moment on social media, although it is being extremely vague as to exactly what kind of product it is. If it were any common sports nutrition company, we’d think a tub of bulk protein powder, but this is Tyson Fury’s Furocity, so it has us leaning more towards a protein RTD.

The build-up certainly suggests whatever Power Protein is, it’s going to be here shortly, and presumably, a full reveal will be here before the actual availability of the mystery protein product. Regardless of the format, a protein supplement would show Furocity’s interest in the sports nutrition space and could easily open it up to other things like a pre-workout, powder or beverage, amino, multivitamin, and so on.