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Viterna puts coconut flakes and raspberry pieces in its plant-powered protein powder

Viterna Vegan Protein

Viterna in Sweden recently released a sequel to its balanced, stimulant-backed pre-workout Gladiator Blood 2.0, featuring strong highlights like 3g of beta-alanine, 6g of citrulline malate, and an energizing 350mg of caffeine. We’ve got more news from that very same brand this week, regarding two intriguing new flavors for one of its already available supplements, in the plant-based protein powder Premium Vegan Protein.

Viterna has created Premium Vegan Protein’s first inclusion-filled flavors, pairing its 24g of protein per serving from pea isolate and rice protein with coconut flakes in a Chocolate Coconut flavor and sweet raspberry pieces in a Mixed Berries taste. Both of the flavors have a typical nutrition profile for the plant-powered protein powder, with the main difference being the inclusions, and they’re available in Viterna’s home country.

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