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Classic Drumstick candy is becoming a flavor of Applied Nutrition’s hit Bodyfuel beverage

Applied Nutrition Drumstick Original Raspberry Body Fuel

Several months ago, our International Brand Of The Year for 2022, Applied Nutrition, launched its first-ever collaboration, where it teamed up with the premium backpack company Built For Athletes. The sports nutrition brand and Built For Athletes came together for a special edition version of the amino cocktail BCAA Amino-Hydrate, featuring an alternative look, the same formula, and fewer servings in a new Fruit Punch flavor.

Applied Nutrition has now announced its first-ever authentic flavor collaboration, where it’s partnered with the legendary UK candy company Swizzels for a few products based on one of its many popular sweets. The brand has actually done a collaboration we previously saw from Myprotein for Clear Whey Isolate and Clear Vegan Protein, in an authentic Drumstick flavor inspired by the classic chewy raspberry Drumstick candy.

While Myprotein did a Drumstick flavor for two of its protein powders, Applied Nutrition has created an authentic Drumstick taste put together with Swizzels, for its ABE Energy Shot and hydration-supporting Bodyfuel sports drink. The Drumstick ABE Energy Shot will be making its way to market first, becoming available for purchase on Tuesday of next week, while the Drumstick Bodyfuel won’t be here for another month, arriving June 1st.