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Number-one-rated Barebells breaks into 7-Eleven locations across the country

Barebells In 7 Eleven Stores

Since finally and deservedly making its way into the US market three years ago at the beginning of 2020, Barebells has gone from strength to strength in the immensely popular and intensely competitive part of the world. The Swedish brand started its journey with a small selection of flavors of its signature and still our number-one-rated protein bar, and it has since exploded to a complete lineup of tastes and another product.

Barebells in the US carries a lot more than its original flavors, like the legendary Salty Peanut and delicious Caramel Cashew, with the decadent Chocolate Dough now also in the mix, Hazelnut Nougat, and another favorite of ours in Creamy Crisp. One other key part of Barebells’ growth in the American market is where you can get your hands on it, as the brand has done a great job building out distribution in physical retailers.

This week Barebells has announced an impressive milestone for its US fans, as beginning this month, you can find and purchase the sweet, smooth, and protein-packed Barebells Protein Bar at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. There are almost 10,000 7-Eleven locations across the country, which will undoubtedly take the brand and its presence in America to new heights, and deservedly so, as mentioned, it is still and has been, for several years, our favorite protein bar in the world.

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