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Con-Cret continues its expansion and appears to be coming out with creatine HCl gummies

Con Cret Teases Creatine Hcl Gummies

Promera Sports and its premium Con-Cret creatine HCl, shifted that signature product into a brand rather than Con-Cret from Promera as in previous years. With that shift, Con-Cret expanded its selection of supplements, combining its creatine HCl with other sports nutrition categories. Some of those extensions include Con-Cret + Muscle Recovery and the hybrid testosterone booster Con-Cret Test.

While the move from Promera Sports to simply Con-Cret did bring with it some new sorts of supplements, it continued its original standalone creatine HCl products in unflavored, flavored, and capsule format. Next month the brand is introducing another product, and from what we can see in its recent teaser, it will combine Con-Cret and a completely new, although trending format with creatine HCl gummies.

We’ve got the teaser from Con-Cret in the image above, and in the fraction that shows some of the supplement itself, it looks like the base of a jar of gummies with two or three pieces visible. While we are supremely confident we’re about to get Con-Cret creatine HCl gummies, whatever the product turns out to be, as mentioned, it won’t be hitting the market for another few weeks, as the brand plans to drop it in May.