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Controlled Labs drops an April Fools-worthy sale but it is not playing around

Controlled Labs April Fools Sale

Controlled Labs has taken a slightly different approach to April Fools’ Day by not putting together a prank product or anything like that, but a sale that’s almost too good to be true; however, it is. Typically we see a percentage of discount from the reputable and long-running sports nutrition brand, but specifically for April Fools, everything from Controlled Labs’ website except Orange Triad and Triad Greens is buy one get one free.

Now it is, of course, April Fools’ Day today, and you do need to be extra careful with things that seem too good to be true, but we have indeed been into and used the coupon required for the buy one get one free offer. The code you need is “APRILFOOLS23” and the way it works is you throw your supplements in your cart, then enter the coupon when checking out, and the lesser value items are completely free.

It’s a great deal, especially for something like Controlled Labs’ recently released stimulant pre-workout White Flood Plus, which is $43.99 usually, but during the April Fools’ Day buy one get one free sale, it falls all the way down to just $22 a piece.

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