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Dedicated’s North American side reveals its big plans for the year involving Just ISO and True Bol

Dedicated Nutrition Just Iso And True Bol

Over in Europe, things are heating up for Dedicated Nutrition, as we’ve posted about here at Stack3d, with the brand aiming to have its biggest year to date. That part of the world has always been separate from what the brand offers fans in North America; however, we’ve received word that Dedicated in the US and Canada is about to ramp things up just as much, with news of several supplements coming down the pipeline.

To get things started for Dedicated Nutrition in North America, it has passed on a sneak peek at two of its upcoming products, only showing their names and covering the rest of their labels, as you can see in the image above. Those two supplements are Just ISO which we can only guess is some sort of protein powder based on the title and size, and the other one is a muscle-building-sounding capsule formula called True Bol.

If you’ve followed Stack3d over the years, Dedicated Nutrition needs no introduction; its reputation certainly precedes itself. Its original stimulant-powered pre-workout Unstoppable from the AMP citrate era is one of, if not our favorite pre-workout of all time. The brand has also put out several other powerhouse supplements over the years for other categories, enough to take home our prestigious Brand Of The Year Award.

This year is shaping up to be an incredible run for Dedicated Nutrition, and even though the European and North American sides are acting separately with their own families of products, don’t expect anything less from either. We’re excited to see those six supplements roll out in Europe, including a new Fusion Pro, Unstoppable, and the debut of Alpha Triad, as well as Dedicated North America’s Just ISO and intriguing True Bol.