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More milkshake-like Fusion Pro will also have enzymes and anabolic support

Dedicated Nutrtions More Anabolic Fusion Pro

Past Brand Of The Year winner, Dedicated Nutrition, is gearing up for a strong year, and it’s extremely confident in what it has planned, saying it is going to have its biggest year to date. For the very near future, the reputable brand is looking to launch six supplements; one of those is going to be a powerhouse, premium Unstoppable pre-workout, and another one was recently confirmed to be the completely new, daily-use Alpha Triad.

To keep the attention on Dedicated Nutrition and continue the momentum, it has previewed another one of those upcoming supplements in the previously released blend-style protein powder Fusion Pro. We suspected with so many products planned, there would be updated versions of some things, and that is what Fusion Pro is, although despite being for a common category, the brand promises some significant improvements.

Dedicated Nutrition hasn’t passed on any specific details but shared important points, saying its revamped Fusion Pro protein powder has a more milkshake-like texture, enhanced digestion, and added ingredients for muscle-building support. Based on those highlights alone, it certainly sounds like Fusion Pro has made notable tweaks and changes, and is set to turn the protein powder into quite an advanced, complex competitor.