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ZM-Z confirmed as another one of Dedicated’s six upcoming products for Europe

Dedicated Nutrition Previews Zm Z

Dedicated Nutrition is continuing to tease, hype, and preview the massive selection of supplements it is about to launch in Europe, following its promise of having its biggest year ever and that it has six products up its sleeve. Over the past few weeks, a few of those upcoming items have been featured in sneak peeks, including an improved premium version of the protein powder Fusion Pro and the intriguing daily-use Alpha Triad.

Today we have another preview of an upcoming supplement releasing in Europe shortly, and like Alpha Triad, it is completely new and not something Dedicated Nutrition has had available before. The product is named ZM-Z, and it is going to be the reputable brand’s take on the classic ZMA. Dedicated promises to put full dosages of magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc into the supplement to effectively improve rest and recovery.

Like the muscle-building Fusion Pro, Alpha Triad, and the exciting yet mysterious new version of the pre-workout Unstoppable, ZM-Z is not available yet, but it is not far away. Dedicated Nutrition has confirmed its transparent and well-dosed ZMA product will be launching sometime next month. It sounds like all six of the brand’s innovations will be rolling out around then, and it’s not far away, with only two weeks left in the month of April.

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