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Mountain Joe’s unique protein-packed rice cakes still come with a good amount of carbs

Macros In Mountain Joes Protein Rice Cakes

Mountain Joe’s has officially launched its latest functional innovation and the first product to join the lineup since the brand’s revamp and return last year with the delicious, self-titled Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar. The snack is the world’s first high-protein rice cake, which is a circular rice-based cake that is covered in rich milk chocolate or sweet white chocolate, providing 10g of protein in its two cakes per pack.

Alongside the debut of Mountain Joe’s straightforwardly named Protein Rice Cakes has come the complete nutrition profile, which is not something we had when it was revealed, only the protein count. The UK functional food creator has paired that respectable 10g of protein with a total of 32g of carbohydrates, under half a gram of that is sugar, around 15g of fat, and high calories for the amount of protein at 280 to 294.

The place to go to get your hands on Mountain Joe’s Protein Rice Cakes first is its own website, where a box of a dozen packs, which is 24 rice cakes as you get two in each, will cost you £29.99 (37.71 USD). The bulk boxes can be all one flavor, Chocolate or White Chocolate, or half and half, and you can purchase single packs of Protein Rice Cakes from at £3 (3.77 USD) each.

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