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Mountain Joe’s puts a crispier protein bar on shelves at Home Bargains

Mountain Joes Crunch Protein Bar

Mountain Joe’s isn’t sitting down and leaving things at the all-new, miniature version of its signature, self-titled Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar, tipping the scales at two-thirds the size at 35g a piece and providing a scaled-down 10g of protein to 130 calories. Also coming to market in the first month of the year for the functional food innovator is a traditional type of protein bar commonly seen in the US as well as internationally in Mountain Joe’s Crunch Protein Bar, and it has landed in two tasty sounding flavors.

The Mountain Joe’s Crunch Protein Bar is a Rice Krispies style snack, filled with crispy and crunchy pieces, topped with squiggles of flavor, and packing plenty of protein. The main ingredients in the functional item are coconut butter, crispy protein pieces, and wheat protein for that heightened protein. Each of the moderately sized Crunch Protein Bars has a respectable 16g of protein, an equal 16g of carbohydrates with under 2g of that sugar, around 6g of fat, and flavor-dependent calories, going from 188 to 192.

Mountain Joe’s is known for delivering delicious protein snacks, and we don’t imagine that is any different for its Crunch Protein Bar, and as mentioned, it has two flavors right out of the gate in a classic Chocolate Peanut Butter and one of our favorite combinations in Dark Chocolate Raspberry. You can’t grab the Mountain Joe’s Crunch Protein Bar straight from its website; similar to the miniature Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar, the crunchier and crispier experience is exclusive to Home Bargains, where it’s £15.48 a box.