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Pandy adds one new flavor each to its ring and stick-shaped Lentil Chips

Pandy Dill Chive Lentil Sticks Ranch Lentil Rings

Since introducing its better-for-you chip snack, Lentil Chips, Swedish functional powerhouse Pandy has turned the convenient and nutritious product into two other items with Lentil Rings and Lentil Sticks. Like the original chips, those other two are lentil-based chips but in different shapes with rings and sticks. The round Lentil Rings debuted in a Spring Onion flavor while the Lentil Sticks dropped in a spicey Flaming Hot.

Following the introduction of Lentil Rings and Lentil Sticks around the end of last year, Pandy has added one new flavor to each of the chip-style products, finally giving fans actual options when it comes to the alternative shapes. Joining Spring Onion for the hoop-shaped lentil bites is a classic traditional taste in Ranch, and coming to the sticks with an experience for those that don’t enjoy the heat, there is Dill & Chive.

Pandy’s Ranch Lentil Rings and Dill & Chive Lentil Sticks are in stock and available for purchase directly from its online store at 15 SEK (1.44 USD) for a snack-sized 50g bag. The macros on both flavor extensions are the same, providing 6.5g of protein, 29.5g of carbohydrates with 1.6g of that sugar, 8.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 226.

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