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SNS creates another premium standalone centered around C30X cistanche

Serious Nutrition Solutions Cistanche Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions has been busier than usual this past month; in fact, this past week, we’ve posted about its standalone fadogia agrestis supplement, Fadogia XT, and its premium kidney support product Kidney Assist XT. There is one other drop the reputable brand has rolled out alongside Fadogia XT and Kidney Assist XT, and it’s more in line with the fadogia supplement as it, too, is centered around one ingredient.

Cistanche XT is Serious Nutrition Solutions’ other product, which is a standalone formula featuring only its title ingredient in cistanche extract to help naturally boost testosterone as well as libido, vitality, strength, performance, and muscle building. Being the brand that it is, SNS isn’t using any form of cistanche but C30X cistanche extract, standardized to 30% echinacoside, and its dose at 350mg in each of its 60 capsules.

Despite having some of the most packed out, advanced, and premium supplements out there, Serious Nutrition Solutions prices everything very reasonably, and on occasions, it discounts pretty strongly. With that in mind, the stackable Cistanche XT is in stock and available for purchase at $34.99 before discount, although the brand has extended its sale from Easter where the coupon code “EASTER20” gets you 20% off everything.

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