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Reworked Assassin currently expected to arrive around the beginning of July

Apollon Sneak Peek At Next Version Of Assassin

To close out the month of March, which was about one and a half months ago, hardcore supplement company and Brand Of The Year winner Apollon Nutrition teased a new version of its incredibly intense pre-workout Assassin. The current iteration of the product on the market is coming up two years old, hitting shelves in the middle of 2021, with the supplement’s stimulant-heavy formula including over 600mg of caffeine.

We are now even closer to the arrival of what will be Apollon Nutrition’s eighth version of Assassin, and as we move through May, we’ve got an update and better look at the product itself. We still don’t know what any of the ingredients or exact dosages in Assassin V8 will be, but as you can see in the image above, we have a better idea of what the eye-catching label around the high-powered pre-workout is going to look like.

Apollon Nutrition appears to be putting an awesome samurai graphic on Assassin 8.0 and elevating the look and feel in its entirety, bringing it up to the level of some of its better-presented supplements like Lionheart and Triumph. While we do have a small but noteworthy update and development from the brand for the revamped Assassin, full availability is still a little while away, with Apollon currently shooting for early July.