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Sweet and citrusy flavor rolling out to MuscleTech stockists across Australia

Muscletech Australia Lemon Lime Cell Tech Creactor

The massive 12lb bag of the impressively high-calorie gainer Mass-Tech Xtreme 2000 isn’t all MuscleTech in Australia is welcoming to its lineup of supplements in the region. Also announced this month for the competitive sports nutrition market is another taste to choose from for the legacy brand’s standalone, although not overly straightforward, creatine product Cell-Tech Creactor, which does already have a few options down under.

MuscleTech has revealed and is shortly releasing the sweet and citrusy flavor Tropical Citrus Punch for the muscle strength, size, and performance supplement Cell-Tech Creactor, to go alongside its already available Fruit Punch and stackable Unflavored. As mentioned, Creactor is a creatine-based product, but it doesn’t rely on the common creatine monohydrate, featuring 1.5g of creatine, half from creatine HCl and free-acid creatine.