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Viking Power continues to pump out quality formulations in its hydration competitor

Viking Power Tears Of Freya

Swedish house brand Viking Power has done a great job over the past few months, adding some impressive advanced sports nutrition supplements to its catalog, the standout being the one we’ve re-mentioned here many times in the loaded pre-workout Leviathan. This month the brand from the retailer MM Sports is back with more innovation, revealing and releasing a completely new product by the name of Tears Of Freya for the hydration category.

As Viking Power has done in many of its other critical competitors in popular categories, Tears Of Freya features a complex formula, bringing together a host of ingredients to ensure you get all you need to improve and enhance hydration and performance in the gym. One of the key components in the supplement is like most other hydration formulas, and that is electrolytes, with six essential electrolytes filling out Tears of Freya.

Viking Power has added a few other hydration and performance-supporting ingredients to its hydration debut, combining the electrolytes with vitamin C, a blend of B vitamins, a gram of taurine, half a gram of betaine, and 2g of citrulline. It also comes with a couple of quality electrolytes sources with a gram of coconut water powder and 250mg of the concentrated phytochemical component, PerforMelon branded watermelon powder.

Viking Power has been on a bit of a rampage as of late, doing what it can to make some noise and stand out with each of its launches, as seen with Leviathan and the equally loaded post-workout Rebirth. Tears Of Freya is the latest to keep that theme alive, and it does a good job considering it primarily focuses on hydration. You can pick up the dedicated product from the MM Sports website at a very reasonable 199 kr (19.32 USD) for 30 servings.