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Wispy blends salty caramel and rich chocolate for the fourth flavor of its protein bar

Creamy Caramel Wispy Protein Bar

It wasn’t long ago; in fact, it was only a few weeks back that house brand Wispy Nutrition from the Danish retailer Muscle House released another flavor for its signature protein bar, the simply-named Wispy Protein Bar. The growing active nutrition and functional food company welcomed Coconut Dream to the menu of the product, which brought together the classic two-part taste of rich chocolate and sweet coconut.

Muscle House and Wispy Nutrition are already back, adding to the menu of that same very item, introducing flavor number four, and this one sees a return to a familiar theme in Creamy Caramel. One of the first two flavors of the product did indeed incorporate caramel with Toffee Caramel. This one pairs that classic sweet and salty taste with decadent and dense chocolate for a genuinely dessert-like snacking experience.

You can get Wispy Nutrition’s Creamy Caramel flavor of its Wispy Protein Bar straight from the online store of Muscle House, and it is currently discounted from 250 DKK to 189 (27.18 USD) for a box of ten bars, two less than the usual 12. For those interested in the macros, the nutrition profile of the flavor extension starts with 16g of protein, followed by 18g of carbohydrates, 1.4g of that sugar, 5.6g of fat, and 209 calories.