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Protein cereal comapny Eleat welcomes flavor number five for its flagship functional food

Eleat Chocolate Caramel Protein Cereal

Functional food company Eleat is a clean and nutritious self-titled cereal out of the UK that’s packed with protein at 13g a serving alongside a light, single gram of sugar and a very reasonable calorie count of 191. It’s been on the market for a good amount of time and in four tasty flavor options with Chocolate Triumph, Cinnamon Sensation, Strawberry Blitz, and Vanilla Thriller, available in large 250g pouches and single serving pots.

Eleat has introduced a new flavor for 2023 that you can purchase directly from its online store beginning this week, and it fits in very nicely with all of those other tastes, featuring a familiar flavor but nothing too similar. Joining the family here in the middle of the brand’s second year in business is the classic combination of chocolate and caramel, simply called Chocolate Caramel, providing that same 15g of protein and 1g of sugar.

Eleat does not yet have its all-new Chocolate Caramel flavor of protein-packed cereal in the convenient, single serving pots, only the large 250g pouches. There are actually two options on that side of things, with the brand’s usual offering of four bags at £26, or if you’d prefer not to go that deep yet, there is a twin-pack at a slightly more cost-effective £12 (15.20 USD).

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