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Mountain Joe’s quickly updates its variety box with its new Chocolate Honeycomb flavor

Mountain Joes Variety Now Includes Chocolate Honeycomb

Mountain Joe’s recently released an undoubtedly delicious new flavor of its signature Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar, which has yet to deliver in any of the many tastes we’ve already experienced for the product. For those that missed the reveal, the brand has crafted a salty caramel and sweet toffee flavor for the protein-packed snack appropriately named Chocolate Honeycomb, with a strong 18g of protein, an equal 18g of carbohydrates with a low 2.4g of that sugar, and a calorie count of 221.

The Chocolate Honeycomb Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar is currently rolling out to the functional food company’s many stores and stockists across the UK, including over at, where a box of a dozen bars costs you £29.99 (38.13 USD). In an effort to give everyone a chance to try the latest flavor of the protein snack without investing in an entire box in case it’s just not for you, Mountain Joe’s has put together a new variety bundle that has at least one of each of its eight flavors.

The great thing about the variety box of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar is it has the same amount of bars as a regular pack, and it costs exactly the same at £29.99. Basically, if you want to give the Chocolate Honeycomb Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar a try, or even sample every option available for the product, this is the way to go, and if you get in soon, you can use the coupon “SUMMER30” for a solid 30% discount, dropping boxes to £21.

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