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Protein-packed and caffeinated chocolate milk Spylt joins the Built Brands family

Spylt X Built Brands

The better-for-you chocolate milk company Spylt has not been on the market all that long, but it made a lot of noise and got plenty of attention with its higher-protein, lower-sugar, and caffeinated delicious chocolate milk. Very recently, the brand also reformulated its signature product, giving it an even leaner nutrition profile with a solid 20g of protein and only 3g of carbohydrates, bringing its calories under 100 at 90.

The latest from Spylt is just as impressive as everything else it’s done so far, and mainly because of its short lifespan. The protein-packed, caffeinated, and now lower-calorie chocolate milk has been picked up by the functional company Built Brands, maker of the delicious Built Bar, Built Puffs, and many other tasty protein snacks. Spylt has announced the major move that it has simply become a part of the Built Brands family.

The founder of Spylt and its sweet and smooth caffeinated chocolate milk, Josh Mendenhall, has started a new position at Built Brands as a result of the partnership, coming on board as its Chief Creative Officer. On the consumer side, this should all result in some exciting changes and developments, as is the case with most situations like this, involving things like wider distribution and more efficient product development.

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