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Aquamin and AstraGin-enhanced Hydration from Apollon is getting a second flavor this Friday

Apollon White Grape Hydration

Only two short months ago, the reputable hardcore supplement company Apollon Nutrition brought yet another new product to market in Hydration+Recovery. For those who missed it, the brand launched Hydration+Recovery on Cinco De Mayo in one flavor; Ponche de Guayaba. The product came with a strong set of highlights for the hydration category, including sizeable dosages of pink Himalayan salt and Aquamin, all topped off with 50mg AstraGin for enhanced absorption and efficacy.

With Apollon Nutrition’s premium approach to the ever-popular hydration category and the fact it debuted with only one flavor, it’s no surprise the brand has announced it is about to add another taste to the menu of Hydration+Recovery. The upcoming option follows in Ponche de Guayaba’s fruity footsteps with a sweet and refreshing White Grape. Fans of Hydration+Recovery don’t have long to wait for the refreshing new expansion either, as White Grape is dropping in four days on this Friday.