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Fast-selling Gorilla Mind energy drink is back in stock in its first four flavors

Gorilla Mind Back In Stock In Original Flavors

Gorilla Mind has been in and out of stock of its popular Gorilla Mind Energy drink since it launched, clearly showing the product is popular with its many fans and followers. The packed-out energy and focus-enhancing beverage features a pretty loaded formula for an energy drink, including 400mg of alpha-GPC, 200mg each of uridine and caffeine, a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and a gradually growing family of flavors.

Despite Gorilla Mind only releasing Gorilla Mind Energy back in the middle of April in four flavors, it has already added another three with Tiger’s Blood, Lychee Bomb, and the sweet and refreshing Strawberry Candy. Until this week, all of those tastes, and the four it initially debuted in, have been out of stock. The original lineup in Arctic White, Orange Rush, Exotic Kiwi, and Black Cherry Vanilla is now back and available once again.

You can join us and head over to to either restock or finally try the Gorilla Mind Energy drink for the first time at $34.99 for a case of 12 in a single flavor, or grab the variety pack with three of each at $39.99. Again, it is only the first four flavors of the beverage that have been restocked, not Tiger’s Blood, Lychee Bomb, and Strawberry Candy, although we have to imagine they’re at the very least on the way.