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Inspired highlights DVST8 Dark and FSU Serum at the Stack3d Expo and throws in a 22% discount

Inspired Stack3d Expo Dvst8 Dark

In every appearance by Inspired Nutraceuticals at the Stack3d Supplement Expo over the years, it has put in a respectable amount of time to create an eye-catching appearance and a booth that is equally enjoyable to interact with. This year for the 2023 version of the online sports nutrition convention, Inspired has built out a colorful display going over all of its latest innovations, from the liquid pump-enhancing FSU Serum Cell Volumizer to the potent and powerhouse stimulant pre-workout DVST8 Dark.

This sort of approach to the Stack3d Supplement Expo, presented this year by KSM-66 Ashwagandha, is a great way to introduce a brand to those that haven’t come across it before, all while keeping things interesting with longtime fans by highlighting recently released products. To go with the display and breakdown of its supplements, Inspired has an exclusive coupon code on its page in the South Hall at that gets you a 22% discount on everything, including the promising new DVST8 Dark.

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