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NuLiv gives more reason to use its already extensively utilized absorption enhancing AstraGin

Nuliv Study Astragin Combined With Arginine

AstraGin is NuLiv Science’s flagship ingredient, and one that we refer to as ever-present in sports nutrition supplements, purely because you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand in the space that doesn’t use it in at least one of its products. AstraGin is known for its ability to improve and enhance absorption and ramp up the efficacy of key components. That’s a huge benefit for consumers wanting to get as much as they can from their supplements, and now NuLiv has another study backing AstraGin.

A recent clinical trial by NuLiv Science revealed that AstraGin, when used in combination with arginine, can result in more than just better absorption. Published in the Functional Foods in Health and Disease journal, the study consisted of healthy adults aged 20-80 years taking arginine powder with AstraGin, or a placebo. The research found that not only can AstraGin enhance arginine absorption, but additionally decrease ADMA (asymmetrical dimethylarginine) levels and increase nitric oxide production.

As mentioned, NuLiv Science’s AstraGin is already utilized in a whole host of different sports nutrition supplements, from pre-workouts and amino-powered intra-workouts, through to fat burners, testosterone boosters, and even day-to-day multi-vitamins. The latest clinical trial by NuLiv, which has a complete breakdown on the company’s website, simply gives brands more reason to use the ingredient, especially in products centered around performance, nitric oxide, and cardiovascular health.

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