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Panda kicks off the build up to its next major drop with an ooze-filled teaser

Panda Tease Green Ooze Supplement

The team at Panda Supplements has shared a teaser for an upcoming product of some sort, with no real hints or clues, just an unlabelled tub surrounded by a green ooze trickling down a slope and around the mystery item. Generally, the fast-growing brand only teases upcoming releases when it’s something significant, as we saw with its Apollon Nutrition and Black Market collaborations, and the nighttime sequel Sleepy 2.0.

All we can assume is that whatever Panda Supplements has cooked up and currently building towards is something of significance, again, as we’ve seen in past teaser campaigns and build-ups toward major launches. With next to nothing to go off, we don’t even want to speculate or throw out any guesses, although there is one tiny clue in the teaser, and that’s the tub, as it means the mystery product is coming in flavored powder format.

Fortunately, eager fans of Panda Supplements won’t be left hanging and excited for too long as the brand tends to completely reveal its teasers relatively quickly, so expect to see its latest development to be followed up soon with slightly more information or all you need to know about the product.

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