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Podium puts twice the electrolytes in its HWPO Series hydration product

Podium X Hwpo Salt Electrolytes

On the first day of next month, premium brand Podium is unleashing a whole new collection of supplements, put together in partnership with Mat Fraser and his training company, with the HWPO Series. It is made up of three all-new products in the Velositol-enhanced Isolate Whey Protein, the more simple and straightforward Athlete Pre-Workout, and the supplement we have full details on today, Salt + Electrolytes.

Like the other products under Podium and Mat Fraser’s HWPO Series, Salt + Electrolytes is similar to something the brand already has on the market in the BCAA and electrolyte formula Hydro + Salt. The difference in Salt + Electrolytes is, as we suspected, that it’s more focused on supporting hydration and performance than the addition of muscle recovery from the BCAAs, delivering a simpler combination of electrolytes and taurine.

The exact amount of electrolytes you get in the HWPO Series supplement from Podium and Mat Fraser is a combined 850mg, so more than double what you get in Hydro + Salt, and again, taurine is included alongside that. Salt + Electrolytes is an interesting offering from Podium, essentially giving fans that don’t want the hybrid approach of added BCAAs the ability to purchase a product centered entirely around hydration.

The first day of August is when all of the products in the collaboration collection from Podium and Mat Fraser’s HWPO are due to make their debut, which is in a couple of days, and availability will be through the brand’s official online store over at