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RYSE reveals its fourth Fuel flavor extension in two months introducing Rainbow Sherbet

Rainbow Sherbet Ryse Fuel Energy Drink

RYSE has been relentless these past couple of months when it comes to its hugely popular and great-tasting RYSE Fuel energy drink, drastically increasing the number of flavors fans have to choose from, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In the last two months alone, not only did RYSE take home our energy drink contest Clash Of The Cans, but it introduced three new flavors of the beverage in Peach Cooler, the lemon-infused Strawberry Squeeze, and only a few days ago, Pink Splash.

The tastes keep on coming from RYSE and RYSE Fuel as today, another addition to the menu of the beverage has been announced, making it four in two short months with the colorful candy recipe, Rainbow Sherbet. Unlike many of those other extensions mentioned, Rainbow Sherbet RYSE Fuel is not available for purchase anywhere yet, at least from what we can see. It does sound like it’ll be here shortly and presumably at all of the usual stockists of the energy drink, including GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.