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Highest-voted posts get a more prominent placement on the Stack3d homepage

Stack3d Upvoted Ticker

Earlier this year, we introduced a voting feature on the website for readers to basically say thumbs up or thumbs down to every post shared here are the number one source for supplement news, Stack3d. You can find it on the regular newsfeed pages, where you can see multiple posts, as well as on individual post pages, making it very easy to give feedback on articles, whether it be product, brand, industry, or ingredient-focused.

We originally displayed the most upvoted posts on a separate page, then moved it to a section on the homepage; now, we’ve found a more permanent place for the voting results, further up on the homepage, right under our featured section. You can see it in action and all of its glory in the image above, highlighted by a green arrow and followed by the headlines of the five highest-voted posts from the last seven days.

The ticker refreshes every time a post is shared and gives you a chance to see firsthand the most popular posts here at Stack3d right next to the featured section, where we post breaking stories and articles we don’t want you to miss. This makes room for another feature that’s ready to go and will be programmed in shortly for returning visitors to see posts they may have missed that, based on past visits, they’ll be interested in.

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