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Prime Energy and Hydration flavor Strawberry Watermelon expands to Prime’s Hydration Sticks

Strawberry Watermelon Prime Hydration Sticks

One of the great features of Prime and its signature sports drink, Prime Hydration, is almost all of the flavors available for the beverage can be purchased in powder format for you to mix into your own shaker or drink bottle. Of the nine different options on the menu for the hydration-supporting drink, five are available for the Prime Hydration Sticks, which is the same sort of product, but again, it comes in stick packs of powder that you pour into your bottle, combine with water, and you’re good to go.

Prime has brought the list of flavors for the Prime Hydration sports drink and Prime Hydration Sticks that little bit closer, as it has released another option from the beverage for the stick packs. Joining the already available Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, and Lemonade is Strawberry Watermelon. That flavor is actually one that was first available for Prime Energy, then it came to the hydration drink, and now it’s completing the collection and launching for Prime Hydration Sticks.

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