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Efectiv continues its run of standalone premium products in ProGBB capsules

Efectiv Nutrition Progbb

Efectiv Nutrition in the UK has plenty of advanced sports nutrition supplements, covering common categories like pre-workout, amino, weight loss, and protein powder, but also some much more straightforward offerings. The brand’s simpler side is actually quite different from most, as it has plenty of basic standalone products, but they’re not your traditional creatine, glutamine, and BCAAs; they’re based on premium branded ingredients like Zylaria, PeakO2, and the widely studied KSM-66.

The team at Efectiv Nutrition is once again adding to its essential family of supplements this month, adding another standalone, single-ingredient effort, relying entirely on a premium variant of a compound. The brand has taken the thermogenic enhancing GBB, or more specifically, the ProGBB version, and put it into capsules all by itself. The product comes with 50mg of ProGBB in each of its 60 capsules a bottle, and it’s available now directly from Efectiv’s website at a low £14.99 (18.95 USD) each.