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Efectiv adds another uncommon standalone with performance-supporting PeakO2

Efectiv Nutrition Peako2

Over the past several months, we’ve seen the UK-based brand Efectiv Nutrition expand the simpler side of its sports nutrition lineup, releasing a bunch of more straightforward supplements. Each of the products features only the ingredient in its title with KSM-66 Ashwagandha, the caffeine-free energizing EnXtra, and Paradoxine Grains Of Paradise, all of which are far from your typical standalone creatine and glutamine.

Efectiv Nutrition has just dropped another supplement similar to KSM-66, EnXtra, and Paradoxine named PeakO2, and yes, it is indeed Compound Solutions’ premium, study-backed, performance-supporting blend of mushrooms. Like other products featuring a single component, Efectiv’s PeakO2 makes it easier to add the ingredient to your pre-workout or daily stack, or take in even more without buying a complex supplement.

Efectiv Nutrition has packed its ingredient-titled PeakO2 with 60 servings, each with a full 2g dose of PeakO2, so taken at once a day, it’ll supply you for twice the usual 30 days at two months. The product is available starting this week from the brand’s online store at £19.99 (23.09 USD), and it comes in unflavored powder for easier use with other supplements.