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In G Fuel’s second Mega Man collaboration it creates a flavor inspired by Rush the robotic dog

G Fuel X Capcom Mega Man Rush

About 24 hours after posting our last update from the gaming supplement specialist, we’re back with more news from G Fuel, and this is yet another collaboration where it has teamed up with someone to create a product. The item we posted about yesterday is a classic orange and mango flavor for the brand’s signature energy and focus supplement Energy Formula, with the flavor officially named Horizon Sunrise, and it has been put together in partnership with the eSports agency Horizon Union.

In the spotlight in this post is G Fuel’s second collaboration with the legendary video game company Capcom, specifically its iconic character Mega Man. The brand teamed up with Capcom in May of last year for a special edition Mega Man Blue Bomber Slushee flavor of Energy Formula. Here in August of 2023, a little more than one year later, G Fuel is announcing a completely new flavor in collaboration with Capcom, and named after Mega Man’s dog, Rush, which is a cherry slushie experience.

G Fuel is now taking pre-orders over at for its Capcom collaboration, Mega Man’s Rush Energy Formula, for shipping in a couple of months, somewhere in October. There are two options for those that get in early and pre-order with a typical 40-serving tub at $35.99 or a limited edition Collector’s Box that comes with the supplement, a matching shaker bottle, and of course, a Mega Man and Rush-themed collar and leash for $14 more at $49.99.

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