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Goodles adds a couple of stuffed toys to its already unique and vast selection or merchandise

Goodles Stuffie Stuffed Toys

Gal Gadot’s better-for-you noodle company, Goodles — known by its slogan Noodles. Gooder. — does have a delicious selection of cleaner, higher-protein noodles or pasta recipes, including its bags of straightforward offerings in Lucky Penne, Curveballs, and Loopdy-Loops. The always colorful and well-marketed brand also has a vast range of merchandise, with all sorts of accessories such as clothing, a rainbow spork, a mac and cheese ring, a golden necklace, and even rollerskates.

Goodles frequently adds to its family of merchandise as often as it releases delicious and nutritious noodles or pasta, and it has another one of those unique accessories called Stuffie. The product is a pair of stuffed toys; one is a pink bowl of Goodles with a spoon hanging off the side and a small blue cup in the same situation. As intriguing as they are, the items are indeed real, and you can get one or both through the brand’s website at $25 for the large one and slightly less for the small at $15.

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