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Gorilla Mind continues to go from strength to strength and announces a premium hydration product

Gorilla Hydration

Gorilla Mind has been making great moves all this year, expanding its reputable and effective selection of sports nutrition supplements, from its powerhouse pre-workout Gorilla Mode to the recently revamped and now completely transparent protein powder Gorilla Premium Protein. We’ve seen the incredibly busy and fast-paced brand introduce a standard-setting energy drink, its first-ever functional food, and next week it is getting into the increasingly competitive hydration space.

Gorilla Hydration is the next completely new release from Gorilla Mind, and like most entries in the category as well as several of the brand’s supplements, it is going to be packed with a standout and effective formula. Every serving of the product features the six all-important electrolytes in 1.61g of chloride, 750mg of sodium, 545mg of potassium, 100mg of magnesium, 50mg of calcium, and lastly, 18mg of phosphorus.

Gorilla Mind hasn’t stopped at just electrolytes for Gorilla Hydration; alongside all of that, you get a gram of taurine, 50mcg of iodine, and 50mcg of the menaquinone-7 form of vitamin K2. Those are the key components in the supplement, making Gorilla Hydration entirely about hydration and performance, keeping its purpose simple and to the point.

Once again, Gorilla Mind is dropping its dedicated hydration product this coming Monday through its online store at, and it’ll have a nice selection of flavors right out of the gate. The tastes for Gorilla Hydration are Cherry Blackout, Jungle Juice, Grape Cotton Candy, and the Bomb Pop-inspired Bombsicle. Like many of the hydration supplements out there, this one has been packaged into single-serving stick packs and is launching in a month’s supply of a box of 30 sticks.