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Protein RTD is also on the way from Jym Supplement Science on top of an energy drink

Jym Supplement Science Is Releasing A Protein Rtd

Jim Stoppani’s Jym Supplement Science gained a lot of attention yesterday when we shared its intriguing statement, saying it is planning to correct the fast-paced and incredibly competitive energy drink category. We’re not sure what exactly the reputable sports nutrition brand means by that and what it’s going to do to correct things, but much to our surprise, that’s not the only beverage Jym has coming down the pipeline.

On top of the energy drink the brand has been and is working on for launch later the road, Jym Supplement Science has been equally hard at work creating a convenient beverage that centers around protein. The brand has revealed a premixed protein shake or protein RTD is on the way, with no specific details like the sources of protein, any of the macros, or even flavors; only that a Jym Protein RTD is arriving shortly.

Knowing Jim Stoppani and Jym Supplement Science, whatever form or flavors the Jym Protein RTD ends up making it to market in, it’ll have good reasons for all of the decisions it’s made and the features it’s put into the product. The brand has already had a pretty strong year, recently celebrating its milestone of being in business for ten years, but with an energy drink and protein RTD coming soon, things are about to get even busier.