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Taiwan’s Mars crafts another incredibly unique flavor of protein in a milky Jin Xuan Tea

Mars Jin Xuan Tea Protein Powder

Taiwanese supplement company Mars, known for its incredibly diverse selection of protein-based products, including its varying Vegan Protein Series, has another intriguing offering out this month in a flavor extension of one of its protein powders. It is the brand’s premium hydrolyzed whey isolate supplement that’s been given some love, providing a solid 26g of protein, between 2 to 3g of carbohydrates and fat, at 140 calories.

As for the flavor Mars has put together for its hydrolyzed whey isolate competitor is in line with its other uncommon options, like Honey Milk and Cantaloupe Milk, in Jin Xuan Tea. Jin Xuan, often referred to as Milk Oolong, features a light, creamy, and flowery flavor experience, although in this case, it’s been put into a protein shake. It has all of those macros mentioned earlier, including 26g of protein, all from hydrolyzed whey.

Mars has not launched its Jin Xuan Tea protein powder in a bundle of single-serving sachets like its many other protein products and flavors; instead, it’s put it into a box set with 30 sachets of the milky Jin Xuan Tea supplement and a shaker bottle to serve the unique flavor creation.

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