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Skinny Food puts a bit of extra protein into a soft and fluffy croissant and keeps the sugar low

Skinny Food Co High Protein Croissant

The Skinny Food Co has built a family of functional foods that turns incredibly familiar treats, snacks, and foods into better-for-you alternatives, and the majority of them aren’t traditional formats like bars and cookies. The UK-based brand has Smarties or M&M’s-like candy with 90% less sugar, virtually zero-calorie pasta, and plenty of baked items like Low Carb Wraps, High Protein Baguettes, and soon, High Protein Croissants.

High Protein Croissants is the next functional innovation from The Skinny Food Co, and as you’d expect from the name, it packs a lot more protein than traditional croissants and keeps the sugar nice and low, which, from this brand, typically means practically no sugar. The product still aims to provide a soft and fluffy croissant-style experience, and it comes in two flavors, regular and one with rich chocolate oozing through the middle.

According to The Skinny Food Co, High Protein Croissants in both of its options are due to become available in about four weeks, and as with all of its products, you’ll be able to grab it directly through its online store at an undoubtedly reasonable price, as is the case with the likes of its High Protein Bread and Baguettes.