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Beyond Raw adds a taste of fall to its Lit pre-workouts in a new Spiced Cider flavor

Beyond Raw Spiced Cider Lit And Lit Af

Beyond Raw has had an absolutely incredible year, pumping out more completely new supplements and innovations than any other year we’ve kept up with the GNC-exclusive brand, and it’s not slowing down. In between all of those exciting products, including the very recent nootropic-based Lit Charged Energy Drink, Beyond Raw has been dropping flavor extensions for some of its more popular offerings, which is what we have again this week for two of its pre-workouts.

Lit is Beyond Raw’s primary pre-workout competitor, and then you have the more advanced spin-off, Lit AF, stepping up with highlights like 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 400mg of Peak ATP, and 1.5g of pump-powering Nitrosigine. It is those two supplements that Beyond Raw has decided to expand the menu of, and the flavor they’ve been given is appropriately fall-themed in Spiced Cider. The apple and cinnamon recipe is out now in GNC’s many locations and at

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