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Cinnamon Churro makes its six flavors for the completely transparent Gorilla Mode Protein

Cinnamon Churro Gorilla Mode Protein

Gorilla Mind has been tearing the year apart, going release after release, with those drops ranging from reformulations and spin-offs to collaborations and extremely exciting, completely new products. One of the earlier moves the reputable sports nutrition powerhouse made this year was reworking its competitor for the saturated protein powder category in Gorilla Mode Protein, turning it into a fully transparent product, which is not something you see all that often in that sort of supplement.

Since relaunching Gorilla Mode Protein with a transparent blend of 25g of protein a serving — 13g from premium, fast-absorbing whey isolate and the rest whey concentrate — Gorilla Mind has continued to focus on the product by adding several tastes to its menu. Coming into this week, there were five flavors available for Gorilla Mode Protein, although later today, option number six is coming to the supplement, and it’s certainly one of your more uncommon protein experiences in Cinnamon Churro.