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Long-awaited CON-CRET infused gummies rolling out sometime later this month

Con Cret Creatine Gummies

Several months ago, the popular branded creatine HCl CON-CRET teased a completely new supplement based around, of course, its signature muscle, strength, and performance-supporting ingredient. The company only shared enough of the mystery product to see the bottom part of the bottle, showing what appeared to be a bunch of gummies and leaving us thinking we’re about to see CON-CRET creatine in tasty gummy format.

That teaser, again, came in a few months ago, and this week, we’ve not only got confirmation that the supplement is making its long-awaited debut later this month, but we’ve got an actual look at the product itself. The mystery item has turned out to be exactly what we suspected in a bottle of 60 gummies, each packed full of CON-CRET creatine HCl and coming in a sweet and fruity flavor blending strawberry and raspberry.

We don’t know the dosage of creatine in the CON-CRET creatine HCl gummies, but keep in mind that the ingredient is generally included a lot lower than traditional creatine monohydrate; in fact, the brand claims 750mg of CON-CRET creatine HCl is equal to 5g of creatine monohydrate. Basically, that bottle of 60 gummies may work out to 60 servings with 750mg in each, similar to the already available CON-CRET tubs and capsules.

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