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Clear protein ISOClear becomes a beverage in two of its several different flavors

Esn Isoclear Protein Clear Drink

ISOClear is ESN’s competitor in the increasingly popular sub-category of clear protein powder, giving you a lean source of protein entirely from premium whey isolate and exclusively in non-milkshake-style flavors like Blackberry, Red Apple Lime, and Green Tea Honey. The European giant has just given the supplement a refreshed look, although the latest from ESN and ISOClear is actually a spin-off, in the ISOClear drink.

ESN has basically turned its original ISOClear protein powder into ISOClear Protein Clear Drink, a ready-to-drink version that has all of the same benefits but in a format for you to have with you on the go. The beverage relies on high-quality hydrolyzed whey isolate, like the protein powder, to provide 20g of protein in a half-liter bottle, alongside zero sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, and an incredibly lean calorie count of 80.

The ISOClear Protein Clear Drink has hit the market in two flavors, both of which are available in the original clear protein powder, with Fresh Cherry and Lemon Iced Tea, both packing that respectable 20g of protein and 80 calories. ESN’s newest innovation is already in stock on its website at €3.90 (4.15 USD), and while there is a bulk bundle of eight bottles at €29.90, that doesn’t save you too much at €3.74 (3.98 USD) each.