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ESN continues to keep fans guessing with another limited time Mystery flavor of ISOClear

Esn Mystery Orange Isoclear Whey Isolate

The team at ESN in Germany is back doing the same as what we saw at the end of July, revealing and releasing another one of its intriguing, completely mysterious Mystery Flavors of the clear and refreshing protein powder ISOClear Whey Isolate. The brand’s Mystery Flavors include the likes of Mystery Green and Mystery Blue, and as you can gather by the name, they don’t give you any indication of how they’re meant to taste.

ESN’s latest Mystery Flavor is Mystery Orange ISOClear Whey Isolate, and like those others before it, the extension is only around for a limited time. The product comes with ISOClear’s clean nutrition profile of 24g of protein from premium whey isolate, no fat or sugar, under a gram of carbohydrates, and 103 calories. The Mystery Orange ISOClear is available for purchase through ESN’s online store, and again, it is a limited launch.

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