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Pandy expands its family of lentil chips with more rings and its first ball-shaped option

Pandy Lentil Cheese Balls And Sour Cream Rings

Pandy in Sweden has grown into a much more well-rounded functional food company over the last several years, growing into a more mainstream brand with many different snacks compared to its original protein-packed candy. Included in that modern Pandy selection is a family of lentil chips, which are indeed bite-sized, lentil-based chip-style offerings, available in a variety of flavors and shapes, with two more of those being revealed and released here in September.

Pandy has expanded its line of lentil chips, already featuring options like sticks in a Dill & Chive flavor and rings in Spring Onion, with another ring-shaped lentil taste in Sour Cream & Onion and the product’s first-ever ball-shaped offering in Cheese Balls. They have the same sort of macros as the brand’s other lentil chips with a moderate amount of protein at 6.5g in a 50g bag, 8.5g of fat, around 30g of carbohydrates, under 2g of that sugar, and reasonable calories of 226 to 230.

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